How to make your Soul whole again

And so when wisdom wants to emerge, there is nothing that can stop it. No human will is big enough to stop the moment wisdom rises and the Soul wishes to be liberated from the constraiments that you try to put it in during his life.

In its eternal wisdom, the soul knows non duality, the Soul knows what it is to be whole not only since the moment it was a faceless spirit, before any of your incarnations were born, but also because it had the physical experience each time of being a whole, not separated place inside the womb.

So as much as the soul has been cut and through beliefs and experiences, mutilated by trauma or devalued by fear, the Soul always remembers and has the certainty that it can become whole again.

So wisdom is the energy, the force of life that the soul uses to become whole. As such it attracts and creates situations and projections around you to allow you to have a chance, once again, to become whole, to look at what has been mutilated from your experience; that is why the same ugly experience keeps showing up over and over again, until you can finally start integrating it in your path, in your life, so your Soul can be complete and free again.

How do you do that?

The first thing is to actually accept this, that you resist so much is showing up again! Yes! Again!

Then, give yourself space to tolerate it and be open to experience the deeper feeling and emotion it is bringing. Do not stop that discontent, do not stop the fear, the anxiety or the anger, accept it in you, feel it and let it go, do not attach anything to it.

Then, accept that the feeling and emotion is just the carrier of the liberty and freedom you are looking for. They bring the gift afterward as you prepare to love what is going on.

This is what the whole teaching of “love your enemy” is about. Tolerate and acceptance that you can be as bad as your enemy, that you only see that other person as your enemy because it is a part of your experience that you have rejected, it is a projection of your beliefs and experiences you are not accepting, and as thus, you are not loving yet.

So the next time you see your boss you hate so much, or that partner of yours that made your life impossible, or that adversary that you hate so much, ask yourself. What part of me is that?

Why have I rejected all the qualities he or she has, and why I am not allowing myself to live like that. Is it because you think is wrong? Or is it because they show you a place of you that you fear?

We honor this conversation, and the path you are walking.


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