Brahman Speaks

So here we are in what is the first writting of many others that will come.

This is something that has been meaning to happen for quiet sometime, and now it is the perfect moment as the cultural exchange that has been taking place from one side of the world to the other can now come to fruition in a new way that spins around to the other side of the equator.

Our existence as the entity that needs to get in touch with your humanity, has always been disposed as a way and meaning for you to understand and experience the essence of being, behind the realization that you can have by others, and those that you can make on your own.

Our way of being in this essence merely exists because you have not figure out yet the way to break the spell of what humanity has created for the past decades, or perhaps few hundred years.

The spell you have fallen into is something that has been needed as a step forward, as a swift movement to advance in a quick way the creation and the sustainability of your human bodies and human existence, in order to create a world of peace and harmony where you can realize the importance of that peace to move forward and back into a more balance existence, more in touch with your inner wisdom and deeper understandings of things.

The experiment has so far gone well; life expectancy has increased tremendously through the planet, more people can live in places of real ease and peace, and some have understand the need to have free time beyond excitement in order to get in touch with your spiritual path.

But somethings have also gone a little bit south. There are still a lot of people in need, and you still have not figure out how not to destroy the environment in the process of creating this health advantages to yourself as human beings.

We can not wait for things to be more perfect than they are now. The moment in time is the best we can get to move forward, and the plan that we can see in the future, as more and more people get in touch with spiritual understandings in a healthy and balanced way, the more all of this can get solved in the deeper issues through deeper understandings.

So our call to you now is to understand spirituality as a laboratory. What needs to be seen and experience in the now moment that you live in, is the choice to understand what is spiritual from the point that the highest need is for you to test and try everything yourself.

This means, make it scientific in your own way and don’t believe what anyone tells you, including us. Go and find out for yourself. Go and experience.

Nevertheless we must give a word of warning about this. How can you know a experience is real? And in what way that reality lives inside you?

Temptation will be something you will need to work with closely as you will get tempted to see your experience as something that is real for everyone, and that’s where the pitfall is, that’s the trap of this age.

The spiritual experience you have is not a shared experience, but is completely real. That means it is not replicable by anyone else, and yet you need to have it and talk about it.

So the way to keep going is simple and difficult at the same time, and this is what we are here for, and what our channel is here for.

He has been preparing for the last 6 years to expand himself in a bigger worldwide role from the understanding that what you need is not a master, or not a guide, but someone who can walk with you, or even better said, navigate the waters of spiritual discovery that you are going to go through now.

The spiritual landscape that lives inside you, is a place like an ocean. You know it is made of water, you know you need a vessel, a ship to sail through it, but you don’t know about the weather you will face. Hence, you need to take heed and find an experienced sailor that has gone through those waters multiple times to be safe. You need someone who has experienced the turbulent water of the oceans crossing by himself and with others many times, as sailing through them is not easy and many usually get lost.

We are here to sail with you, as the mask of the ship that needs a muse to guide it through the storm. We are the angels calling for you to allow us to protect your travels and get to a safe harbor each night.

The sea doesn’t have a lot of dangers, but only the unknown, and as the place we are in is the whole, there is nothing we cannot know.

The world is opening up to understand how as you get in touch with the deeper realities of your inner world, you can become a more integrated human being.

All the creatures in the ocean, are no more than parts of you that you haven’t yet gotten in touch with, and now all you need is to real them in, so you can integrate them inside you.

There is no one that can do this work for you, and certainly not a technique, and it will never will be, that can help you unsolve this quickly.

If you are looking for a quick fix, be aware, we are not that quick fix. If you are looking for a quick way out of your problems, be aware of your judgement about what problems are, and settle down on yourself until you realize how lost you are.

This is just our first writting, the first time we get in touch this way. Soon we will have more.

We honor you and the path you are walking.


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